Bridges On The Wear


"The village names of Westgate and Eastgate on the map still mark the limits of the hunting park of the medieval bishops of Durham"

The Companion Guide to Northumbria. Edward Grierson. 1976.

From Stanhope the river continues west past the villages of Eastgate and Westgate. The A689 road follows the river up the valley to Daddry Shield and beyond.

There are several bridges including some footbridges.

 Opening Dates of Present Bridges

Hag Bridge - 1996
Eastgate Railway Bridge - 1895
Eastgate Conveyor Bridge - 1964
Brotherlee Footbridge - 19th century
Haswicks Bridge - 1853
Britton Footbridge - 2002?
Waterhouse Footbridge - 1969?
Daddry Shield Bridge - 1990s

 Westgate Waterside Footbridge

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