Bridges On The Wear


This is another footbridge with a ford close by and is situated off the A689 west of St John's Chapel down a track to Pennine Lodge leading over the footbridge to some small settlements on the north side of the Wear, including East Blackdene. There are footpaths on the north side, including the Weardale Way.

It is a narrow bridge The river bed consists largely of slabs of limestone and thus provides an easy means of fording. The post-war footbridge replaces an earlier wooden one of 1916. A pipeline (pictured below) crosses the river upstream from the footbridge.

 Bridge End Footbridge Facts

Constructed - approx. 1950?
Type - beam, iron, concrete deck.
Position: Middle Blackdene, west of St John's Chapel, County Durham.
Grid Reference - NY 876 385
 Bridge End Footbridge

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