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An unusual bridge, apparently in the middle of nowhere, it is unusually constructed from aluminium. Situated near the former railway station at Harperley on the Wear Valley Railway, it is reached along footpaths from the A689 at Eels Bridge, west of Crook, initially on part of the Weardale Way, then turning south at Low Harperley farm to cross the railway. The footbridge is a little south from there. Footpaths continue uphill on the other side to various settlements nearby.

An older footbridge which once existed here suffered the usual fate of being destroyed by floods and was replaced only to be again swept away and again replaced, this time with a steel footbridge. This is lonely country and it seems likely that this is one of the least used bridges on the Wear, apart from by the local community.

 Harperley Footbridge Facts

Constructed - 1990
Type - beam, aluminium, concrete piers.
Position - Low Harperley, County Durham
Grid Ref: NZ 117 346

 Harperley Footbridge

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