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"Across Elvet Bridge is the 'new town' that grew up outisde the city walls. Of its streets Old Elvet is the most attractive; a very gracious assemblage of eighteenth-century houses that have to keep company with the screaming red brick of the Shire Hall. "

The Companion Guide To Northumbria. Edward Grierson. 1976.

The oldest bridge on the Wear it has suffered much damage over the years. One arch is late 12th century and the rest early 13th century when reconstruction and repair was needed. The 1771 flood extracted its usual toll, 3 arches being destroyed. Three arches are on land, with seven over the river, originally there were 14. Widened in 1805 at the upstream side, it once had a chapel at each end. St Andrew's Chapel can be seen to the right in the main photograph. A shop stands over a cutwater at the east end. It is Grade 1 listed.

Bishop Pudsey had the bridge built and Bishop Fox had the repairs done about 1225. The bridge is now pedestrianised and leads from the cathedral peninsular to the Elvet side on the east of Durham. Fine views of the river and cathedral may be obtained from the bridge. A footpath runs right around the peninsular on which the cathedral is built. Some 1960s views ar shown below.

 Old Elvet Bridge Facts

Constructed - 12C/13C
Type - arch, stone, 10 arches.
Position - Durham, County Durham.
Grid Ref: NZ 275 425

 Old Elvet Bridge

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