Bridges On The Wear


Footbridges built here have been prone to flood damage, bridges have been washed away several times, most recently in September 2008 when floods destroyed other footbridges in north east England. Once the site of a ford and stepping stones, the present bridge is more substantially built. Joiner Kenneth Maddison built a bridge here in 1936/37 and this replaced a suspension bridge downstream.

The footbridge gives access to paths on the south side of the Wear from the village. The river is fairly narrow here except at times of heavy rain and the bed is full of stones.

 Kenneths Bridge Frosterley Facts

Constructed - 2009?
Type - beam, steel girder, stone piers, wood deck and rails.
Position - Frosterley, County Durham
Grid Ref: NZ 031 368

 Kenneths Bridge Frosterley

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