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Newfield is a former mining village and to the north west down a long path lies this footbridge linking the village with Sunnybrow, Willington. A wooden bridge connected with the coal industry and built for the West Durham Railway existed here from 1838. The line and bridge were no longer in use by 1900. The present footbridge was built at the site and was apparently so named as miners needed to use it on their way to collect their pay. An alternative and more likely explanation derives from the fact that it was a toll bridge.

Another railway bridge lay somewhat to the north of the Pay Bridge at one time, in connection with the mining industry at Brancepeth colliery, Willington and its railway links to the West Durham Railway. Newfield is a very small village on the hill to the south east of the bridge.

 Pay Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1900?
Type - beam, iron, stone pier.
Position: - near Newfield, County Durham.
Grid Ref: NZ 200 339

 Pay Bridge Willington

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