Bridges On The Wear


"The Weardale mines continued to enrich the speculators for centuries.... This wealth was reflected in the growth of the small town of Stanhope down on the river."

The Companion Guide to Northumbria. Edward Grierson. 1976.

On this short stretch of river the road and railway are never far away and half the bridges are railway ones. Stanhope is an old market town and the biggest settlement in Weardale. It is a popular tourist destination and the terminus of the Weardale Railway.

The town has only one road bridge, a very old one and a footbridge links the centre with riverside walks on the south side of the Wear.

The passenger Stanhope - Bishop Auckland Community Service on Weardale Railway was discontinued at the end of 2011.

 Opening Dates of Present Bridges

Rogerley Railway Bridge - 1862
Gas Works Bridge - 1958
Stanhope East Railway Bridge - 1862
Stanhope Central Railway Bridge - 1895
Stanhope Footbridge - 1947?
Stanhope Stepping Stones - 1920s
Stanhope Stone Bridge - 14th century
Stanhope West Railway Bridge - 1895

 Rogerley Railway Bridge

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