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The Tees has a number of books devoted to it and a greater number of books about County Durham and Teesside/Middlesbrough include references to the Tees. Books about the north east generally usually include the Tees as do books about the North Pennines. Specialist books deal with aspects of Teesdale such as lead mining or specific places.

Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society has researched the history of all the bridges on the Tees and published a valuable book on their researches which I have found of immense assistance in preparing this website. I have, however, obtained additional material from other publications, libraries, maps and the Internet and from my own observations when visiting every bridge and photographing them all. Additional pictures are credited to their source where appropriate. The last three bridges to be built are so recent they are not covered in any publications.


The Backbone Of England. Landscape And Life On The Pennine Watershed. Andrew Bibby. 2008.

A journey on foot along the watershed of the Pennines, exploring the history, ecology, geology and culture of the area and with stunning photographs by John Morrison.

Bridges Over The Tees - Cleveland Industrial Archaeology Society. C. H. Morris. 2000.

A very comphrensive study of all the bridges on the Tees, past and present, with dates, builders, technical information and much else.

The Buildings Of England - County Durham. - Nicholaus Pevsner and Elizabeth Williamson. 1983

This revised volume gives information about some of the bridges in the Teesdale and observes the old county boundaries between County Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire

The Buildings Of England - North Yorkshire The North Riding. - Nikolaus Pevsner. 1966

This volume in the highly-regarded series gives much information on some of the bridges in its coverage of buildings of interest and importance in the North Riding. The old boundaries between County Durham and Yorkshire's North Riding are used.

England's Last Wilderness. - A Journey Through the North Pennines. - David Bellamy and Brendan Quayle. 1989.

A book covering the Pennines in County Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria and with a chapter on Teesdale, including photographs. Bridges are not specifically covered but the book is useful in giving an impression of the beauty and wildness of the upper reaches of the Tees amd the North Pennines in general.

North Eastern Branch Lines Since 1925. - K. Hoole.1978

Useful for the history of the Darlington to Barnard Castle and Middleton-in-Teesdalde lines and railways on Teesside.


The River Tees. A North Country River. R. Woodhouse. 1991.

A modern account of the Tees from source to sea with maps and photographs. Each section has its own chapter and topographical, geographical and historical information are included though not every bridge is mentioned.

Teesdale. Douglas M. Ramsden. 1947

A comphrensive account of the Tees from its source to Barnard Castle and beyond before the many changes which occurred in the post war period. The history, industries, agriculture, social life and literary connections of Teesdale, plus stories of the past and much fascinating information about the dale and its settlements. Most of the bridges are mentioned too, and there are photographs.

The Teesdale Way. From Dufton to the North Sea. Martin Collins, updated by Paddy Dillon. 2005.

A guide intended for walkers on this long distance walk but which covers many of the bridges and provides information on the attractions and much background information on the places along the way.

also consulted were:

The Companion Guide To Northumbria. - Edward Grierson.1976.
The Bridges Of Northumberland And Durham. - Frank Graham. 1975.
Tyne and Tide. - David Archer. 2003. Includes some infromation on the Tees.
Various editions of the Ordnance Survey for Northumberland and Durham.
The History of Lead Mining in the North East of England. - Les Turnbull. 2006. A detailed history with maps and illustrations.
Public library in Middlesbrough.
The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Various individuals from the afore-mentioned.
And thanks, too, to Mr Mike Stow of Gainford.

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