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"Low Force, once known as Little Force and Salmon Leap, represents another sudden disruption. If it lacks the melodrama of High Force its compensations are plenty of comfortable viewpoints from which to watch the peaty waters cascading between walls of dark whinstone. The word 'force' (pronounced 'foss' locally) derives from 'fors' in the old Norse language used by Scandinavian settlers a thousand years ago."

The Teeesdale Way. Martin Collins and Paddy Dillon. 2005

Low Force is a series of rocky pools over which the Tees thunders before passing under the Winch Bridge. It is easily accessible along a path from the main road and the waters can be viewed where it cuts into the Whin Sill - igneous rock common around the upper reaches of the Tees. There are no high falls but the white and brown colouring of the water adds to its attractiveness as it cascades noisily over the rocks.

The proximity of Winch Bridge makes this a double attraction and a curtain raiser before visiting High Force further upstream.

 Low Force Facts

Constructed - not applicable.
Type - not applicable.
Position: near Bowlees, County Durham.
Grid Ref: NY 903 280
 Low Force

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