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"The fine waterfall of High Force is the most-visited place in Teesdale, and after a period of heavy rain or at the season when the snows are melting on the fells, it is an impressive and unforgettable sight."

Teesdale. Douglas M. Ramsden. 1947

High Force is certainly the major scenic attraction on the Tees and is often claimed as England's highest waterfall (though Cautley Spout (180 feet) in Cumbria and Hardraw Falls in North Yorkshire (98 feet) are claimed as the highest single drops), and not the largest in the UK (Eas A' Chual Aluinn in Sutherland, Scotland has this honour). It falls 21 metres (70 feet) from the top into the rocky gorge below. Best seen when the river is swollen after heavy rainfall or melting snows on the fells when it can pour over the rocks in two seperate falls, though this is a less frequent event since the building of Cow Green Reservoir which regulates the flow of water. Much rarer are the times when the whole of the top is submerged. The falls have been known to freeze in especially cold winters in the past

The best viewpoint can be reached from Holwick Head bridge and walking west on the south bank. Otherwise, a ticket for admission can be obtained from the car park off the B6277 and a footpath across the road leads down to the foot of the falls, whose roar becomes increasingly louder on the approach, though yet unseen until the final turn. A set of steps leads up to the top and with care you can clamber over the rocks and look down over the falls at the Tees below. 'May the Force be with you'.

 High Force Facts

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Position: near Bowlees, County Durham.
Grid Ref: NY 889 283
 High Force

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