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This is the second pipe bridge on the Tees and was built in 1936 for the Tees Valley and Cleveland Water Board. It is situated about half a mile upstream from Piercebridge and carries water from the north side in twin pipes. The bridge was re-painted and the pipes re-insulated in 2007, a job taking several weeks. It is arched and curves gracefully over the river. There is an entrance on the south side and a walkway for maintenance workers and handrails are provided. It is not accessible to the public as a crossing point. The riverbank here is wooded and the Teesdale way runs alongside. An unusual bridge in a rural setting.

 Piercebridge Pipe Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1956
Type - arch, steel.
Position: near Piercebridge, County Durham.
Grid Ref: NZ 203 156
 Piercebridge Pipe Bridge

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