Bridges On The Tees


The first bridge on the Tees from its source, certainly the most remote and the only one in Cumbria. On a track which is reached from a road at Garrigill in Cumbria, passing through Tynehead to Moor House Field Station, Great Dun Fell and the Pennine Way, the bridge was strengthened in 1967 and the timber deck replaced in 1993. At a bend in the river and hemmed in by the fells, it is stunningly remote, and the surroundings forbidding. Walking along the track from the limit of the public road near Tynehead to Moor House bridge takes an hour and in crossing from Tyne to Tees the winding track climbs steadily until, from the summit, a vista of Upper Teesdale opens up.

The riverbed is quite rocky and winds its way up to the source about 4 miles distant. There are few signs of life except for an occasional bird riding the air-currents above the moors, but the imprint of man is evident in the gate at the end of the track, various signposts and the bridge itself.

 Moor House Bridge Facts

Constructed - not known.
Type - beam, concrete.
Position: Upper Teesdale, Cumbria.
Grid Ref: NY 761 338
 Moor House Bridge

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