Bridges On The Tees


"Teesdale proper ends at Barnard Castle, and the Tees takes its last tributary from the main Pennine watershed when it joins the Greta in that setting of romantic legend below the stately woods of Rokeby. The river goes on with a change of mood towards the eastern lowlands, but it keeps an ever-varying interest throughout the last ten miles of its winding course to Piercebridge."

Teesdale. Douglas M. Ramsden. 1947

From Piercebridge the river flows west to Gainford where it turns southward away from the main road, through farmland with some small villages, and the fine old bridge at Egglestone Abbey, to reach the old market town of Barnard Castle. With its old buildings and steep main street leading up the hill from the river, and with three attractively set bridges, Barney, as it is known locally, has much to offer the visitor.

This is one of the finest sections of the Tees, set near farmland and with many trees on the river banks and with Raby Castle and Staindrop village close at hand.

 Opening Dates of Present Bridges

Barforth Hall Bridge - late 1950s
Gainford Railway Bridge - 1856
West Tees Railway Bridge - 1856
Winston Bridge - 1762-63
Whorlton Bridge - 1831
Abbey Bridge, Egglestone - 1773
Startforth Footbridge - 1881
Barnard Castle Bridge - 1569?
Deepdale Footbridge - 1893

 Winston Bridge

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