Bridges On The Tyne


This bridge is at the end of a short farm track leading from Low Crossgill on the dead-end road going south from Garrigill and is perched quite high above the river gorge, the river rising high when in spate. On the other side are footpaths, one of which leads to Ashgill force, a waterfall on the first tributary of any size adding its waters to the South Tyne. Other waterfalls are nearby but Ashgill is the most interesting and has a fall of about 50 feet. Crossgill has a farm and some houses where the road dips sharply and climbs steeply over Cross Gill Burn which enters the Tyne just upstream of the bridge. This is the last settlement, apart from some isolated houses, on the South Tyne.

 Windshaw Bridge

Constructed - 18th/early 19th century, re-constructed 1891.
Type - arch, single stone arch.
Position - Crossgill, Cumbria.
Grid Ref: NY 749 408
 Windshaw Bridge

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