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"A pretty place is Garrigill, standing 1,124 feet above the sea-level, with the young river running past, and its bright little green, surrounded by white-washed cottages and many trees, making sweet contrast to the dark hills among which it is set."

The Tyne And Its Tributaries. W J Palmer. 1882

Garrigill is five miles from Alston and the bridge is built of stone spanning a rocky gorge giving access from Alston or Teesdale to the main part of the village with its green and old white-washed houses. The George and Dragon Inn is popular with walkers and cyclists. Little survives of Garigill's lead-mining past but it was once a thriving place with two pubs, church and chapel and shops . At 337 metres or 1124 feet above sea level it is only a little higher than the higher parts of Alston.

 Garigill Bridge

Constructed - date not known, re-constructed in 1891.
Type - arch, stone single arch.
Position - Garrigill, Cumbria.
Grid Ref: NY 745 415
 Garrigill Bridge

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