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"Above Bardon Mill, up the hill, are the remains of the Roman station of Vindolanda on the Stanegate".

The Tyne. David Bean. 2003

The first of the South Tyne footbridges, it links the village of Bardon Mill with the minor road leading to the hamlets of Beltingham and Willimoteswick on the south side of the river. Crossing the railway on foot over a gated crossing, a short walk brings you to the bridge, which is an iron lattice type supported on two piers of twin tubes set in the river bed. A ford once existed here and the bridge was erected by public subscription and is called the Millhouse Bridge.

Bardon Mill is a small village, once known for its woollen mills. There is a pottery and some farming today. Next to the footbridge is a campsite with views of the river.

 Bardon Mill Footbridge Facts

Constructed - 1883
Type - lattice girder, iron.
Position: Bardon Mill, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NY 782 644
 Bardon Mill Footbridge

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