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"The otter is still hunted on North Tyne, - Lewisburn, Chollerford and Chipchase Castle dams being amongst its favourite localities."

The Tyne and its Tributaries. W J Palmer. 1882

This is the first bridge on the North Tyne and is another old stone bridge, listed, and replacing a medieval one damaged in the flood of 1771. It is situated on the B6318 road, known locally as the Military Road as it was built 8 years after the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 to provide easier movement of troops between Newcastle and Carlisle. Robert Mylne was the engineer. At the bottom of a steep and winding descent down Brunton Bank. In 1958 a lorry ran downhill and demolished part of the parapet on the northeast side of the bridge, and shedding its load. The carriageway was narrowed for one-way traffic in 1976 and lights installed. While later repairs were carried out a temporary Bailey Bridge was provided. The crossing is narrow and there is a division of routes on the far side, up the Tyne to Bellingham or Humshaugh or west towards Carlisle, continuing along the military road. A weir is located downstream of the bridge which is Grade 2 listed.

The Border Counties Railway ran alongside the river on the east side with a station , now a private house, on the river bank, while on the west side stands the old George Hotel, where literary giants W H Auden and John Steinbeck have both stayed.

 Chollerford Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1775
Type - arch, 5 semicircular stone arches, total span 90 metres.
Position - Chollerford, Northumberland.
Grid Ref - NY 919 705
 Chollerford Bridge

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