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This was another ferry which carried workmen employed by Tyneside industry and originated in mid-nineteenth century to take workers to the Leslie (later Hawthorn Leslie) shipyard at Hebburn. Leaving from near Benton Way, just inside the Wallsend boundary, it crossed to Bon Accord Street in Hebburn. There was another ferry to Hebburn from near White Street Walker, running diagonally across the river from south west to northeast, established in 1910 and called the Low walker to Hebburn Ferry. The other Low Walker ferry ran straight across the Tyne and operated from 1831 to 1945. The shipyard tried unsuccessfuly to get others to share the costs of its ferries, no longer used exclusively by its own employees. From 1939 Mid-Tyne Ferries Ltd. a joint venture of three big shipyards and an engineering firm operated the service. Large passenger numbers kept the ferries in sevice until the Tyne shipyards began to close and the last ferry ran in July 1986. Mid-Tyne Ferries also ran pleasure trips up to Ryton Willows near the tidal limit of the river. The ferry featured in a scene in the 1971 film 'Get Carter'.

  Walker - Hebburn Ferry Facts

Walker/Wallsend Ferry 1851 - 1986.
Position: Hebburn and Walker/ Wallsend, Tyne and Wear.
Grid Ref: NZ 303 657
 Site of Hebburn ferry landing

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