Bridges On The Tyne


"The road, which is pretty good, is used principally for mineral traffic; it passes Tyne Head, and leads to mines beyond."

The Tyne And Its Tributaries. W J Palmer. 1882

Tynehead bridge is a short walk down a road branching off from the end of the main public road, which continues as a private road but is unmetalled for some distance. At the bottom of the Tynehead road is a small footbridge apparently going nowhere, but in fact it joins the South Tyne Trail. It still has road status as part of the Old Middleton Road. The river winds a lot from here and the bed is very stony. There was once a substantial settlement near here at Tynehead and lead miners tramped the roads hereabouts, but now it is a very lonely place disturbed by few people.

 Tynehead Bridge

Constructed - date not known.
Type - beam, wooden deck.
Position - Tynehead, Cumbria.
Grid Ref: NY 762 381

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