Bridges On The Tyne


A footpath crosses the track to the campsite passing through grassy land with a variety of wild flowers and goes over a small wooden footbridge carrying a right of way and is almost hidden from view. The river is very narrow here, winding its way sluggishly down to Kielder. Over the bridge the path continues to Ravenshill on the hillside. This is one of the most isolated bridges on the whole river and few people must cross it. The hills in the background rise up near the border and the forest is never far away. Further along the road is a church, and the river nearby is shown in the smaller picture. Another footbridge once existed here, near the Manse, and was used by the postman to get to Ravenshill.

 Ravenshill Footbridge Facts

Constructed - about 1963.
Type - beam, wooden.
Position - 1000 yards north of Kielder, Northumberland.
Grid Ref - NY 624 943
 Ravenshill Footbridge

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