Bridges On The Tyne


Maps showing the River Tyne generally also include roads and other features so that the river and its bridges do not show up prominently. The maps pictured here show only the rivers and give a clearer indication of how the Tyne divides into its North and South arms and also show the many tributaries which add their waters to the main river.

The smaller map inset shows the watersheds whereby the eastern rivers flow right towards the North Sea and the western rivers left towards the Solway Firth and hence into the Irish Sea.

 Main Tributaries of the Tyne
The list shows the main tributaries and where they flow into the Tyne

Main Tyne

River Don - Jarrow
Ouseburn - Newcastle
River Team - Dunston
River Derwent - Derwenthaugh/Swalwell
Devil's Water - Dilston

South Tyne

River Allen - near Ridley
River Nent - Alston

North Tyne

River Rede - Redesmouth
Kielder Burn - Kielder
Deadwater Burn - Deadwater
 Watershed of rivers, including Tyne
The map shows the parting of the watersheds towards the East and West Seas. The Rivers Liddel, Line and Eden are to the west, while the Tyne, Wear and Tees flow to the east.

This map shows the River Tyne with towns and villages indicated. The upper section of the North Tyne is shown on the continuation map inset.

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