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There is a wooden bridge across the Tyne attached to the side of Lambley viaduct, at a lower level than the railway, crosing which, and keeping to the right bank of the stream, a delightful walk leads through a fine park, and by the front of Feathersotne Castle.

W J Palmer, The Tyne and its tributaries. 1882

This footbridge lies in the shadow of the imposing Lambley Viaduct which once had a footbridge actually attached to it. This was a timber footbridge, twenty feet off the valley floor, and attached to the base of the viaduct's pillars, and erected in 1852 when the railway was built. It was maintained by the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway but in 1954 British Railways would no longer accept responsibility for its upkeep and so it was replaced by a new bridge at a little distance downstream. This footbridge was brought from Haltwhistle station in sections on two railway trucks and lowered over the upstream side of the viaduct by crane. However, when the railway to Alston closed, the viaduct fell into disrepair and falling masonry made it necessary to erect the present footbridge a few yards downstream. The footbridge gives access to footpaths on either side of the river and the old station at Lambley, now a dwelling, can be viewed from a distance, although access in not possible. Views of the viaduct towering above are impressive.

 Lambley Footbridge Facts

Constructed - 1992
Type - Beam, wooden on one pier.
Position - a quarter mile south of Lambley, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NY 674 584
 Lambley Footbridge

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