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This bridge, known as Castle Bridge, is approached like the other Kielder Bridge from a road leading from the main road just before reaching the garage. It crosses the North Tyne before its confluence with the Kielder Burn. On the far side is the Anglers' Arms and the Visitor Centre in Kielder Castle is up the hill. This is the oldest of the Kielder bridges and was probably built when the castle was constructed in 1775 to serve as a hunting lodge for the Duke of Northumberland. Formerly built of wood, it has since been reconstructed, and was adopted from the Forestry Commission in 2002.

 Kielder Tyne Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1971.
Type: beam, concrete.
Position: Kielder, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NY 631 935
 Kielder Tyne Bridge

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