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Probably the best known and most handsome bridge on the Wansbeck, it carries the main A197 road, formerly the A1, linking the two halves of Morpeth either side of the river. It replaced the old medieval bridge upstream and although the inscription on the parapet gives famed engineer Thomas Telford credit it is said (by historian John Hodgson) to have been the design of John Dobson of Newcastle, Telford choosing the site and supervising the work.

Morpeth is an old town and the county town of Northumberland. It has many smaller brick buildings, the result of rebuilding after a fire in the 17th century. St George's United Reformed church stands on the north bank just east of the bridge, and the Court House is to the south.

Morpeth suffered badly in the floods of 2008 and to a lesser extent again in 2012. Now flood defences have been installed including a dam to control river flow built upstream west of Mitford and opened in 2015.

 Morpeth Telford Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1829-31
Type - 3 arch, stone.
Position: Morpeth,Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NZ 201 857
 Morpeth Telford Bridge

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