Bridges On The Wansbeck


The Wansbeck being a fairly narrow river for much of its length, was easliy fordable and hence has had many of those simple crossings. Some bridges have been replaced when unable to cope with twentieth century traffic needs, and there was once a ferry at the very mouth of the river.

Many footbridges have also been replaced over the years and several of the wooden ones look of fairly recent origin. The early railway bridges were timber but were replaced by the present structures, though the Angerton railway bridge being built in stone has survived, isolated in the Northumbrian countryside. Pictured is the former Bothal Bridge.

 Former Bridges

North Seaton-Cambois trestle viaduct 1935 - 1961; carried coal from North Seaton colliery to Cambois Washery. Demolished 1960s

North Seaton Railway viaduct, timber trestle, 43 spans, 86 feet high. 1859, replaced 1927.

Stakeford Bridge, early 20th century, replaced 1994.

Sheepwash, medieval stone 4 arch bridge, replaced about 1900.

Bothal Mill, replaced 1982.

Pegswood railway viaduct, 1847, replaced 1849/50.

Morpeth Chantry bridge, 13th century, replaced by wooden footbridge, date not known, itself replaced by iron footbridge, 1869.

Elliott Footbridge, 1925.

Oldgate bridge, Suspension bridge 1, date not known, collapsed, 1830. Suspension bridge 2, collapsed 1870, iron bridge, 1934, replaced 1970.

Suspension bridge, half mile west of Mitford bridge.

Rivergreen mill, rope bridge, steel cables suspended from trees, replaced 1960s.

Meldon, single arch stone bridge, date not known.

High Laws, footbridge, west of ford.

Middleton Mill, footbridge.

Scarlet Hall footbridge.

Middleton, date not known.

Wallington footbridge, half mile west of Wallington bridge.

Dean House, footbridge

Kirkwhelpington, footbridge and aquaduct, east of old 1819 bridge.

Kirkwhelpington, footbridge, just north of old 1819 bridge.

Kirkwhelpington, footbridge, north of present one.

Crookdean, footbridge, west of.

Sweethope, footbridge north of.

Sweethope Lough, bridge between two Loughs.
 Former Fords and Ferries

Chain Ferry or Wheatley's Ferry -Cambois to North seaton.

Stakeford - ford and stepping stones.

Stakeford ferry 300 yards west of stepping stones.

Sheepwash ford, east of bridge.

Bothal stepping stones.

Bothal Mill ford, near weir.

Stobsford, Morpeth.

Morpeth, ford near Oldgate Bridge.

Mitford, stepping stones just east of River Font confluence.

Near Lightwater House, west of Mitford, ford and stepping stones.

Rivergreen Mill, ford and stepping stones.

Confluence with Hart Burn, ford 100 yards south.

Near Howlett Hall, ford, north of.

Low Angerton, ford, site of present road bridge.

Low Angerton, ford quarter mile west of previous ford.

Highlaws, ford, north of.

Middleton Mill, ford.

Scarlett Hall, ford and stepping stones.

Wallington, two fords, one near Wellhouse (also stepping stones here), half a mile west of bridge.

Walkmill, ford, east of.

Walkmill, ford.

Kirkwhelpington, stepping stones, to east.

Kirkwhelpington, ford east of village

Kirkwhelpington, ford west of main road bridge.

Kirkwhepington Farm Bridge (Horncastle) former ford to east of bridge.

Crookdean, ford to north west.

Crookdean, ford south west of.

Sweethope, ford, north of

Sweethope, ford at east of smaller Lough.

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