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In the Low Stanners area of Morpeth it links housing on both sides of the river and a footpath leading to the previous footbridge. The river bank is wooded on each side going downstream. A road leads from the east side up to an industrial estate near the railway. This bridge was originally erected at Oldgate/Curly Kews in 1872 and moved here in 1931. The pier was replaced and the deck and parapets refurbished in 1992 after flood damage and have been repainted in blue, (previously green). (I am indebted to Northumberland County Council Highways Division - Design Section-Bridges, for this and much other factual information on the bridges in their care).

 Stobsford Footbridge Facts

Constructed - originally 1872, re-erected here 1931.
Type - beam, iron, 1 pier, stone abutments.
Position: Morpeth,Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NZ 204 863
 Stobsford Footbridge

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