Bridges On The Wansbeck


A small footbridge about half a mile west of Low Angerton it crosses the Wansbeck near a farm up on the hill to the south. The bridge deck was replaced in 1991. The grassland on either side is grazed by cattle and the river hereabouts winds constantly along through a deep ditch which it has cut out of the earth.

A small burn coming in from Middleton winds like a demented corkscrew through the fields. A little wood lies on the south side, but generally this is open country with views in all directions and big skies. There are footpaths between minor roads around nearby Angerton, Middleton and Bolam.

 Highlaws Footbridge Facts

Constructed - not known
Type - beam, wooden.
Position: Highlaws, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NZ 075 844
 Highlaws Footbridge

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