Bridges On The Tweed


There are no books devoted solely to the River Tweed's bridges that I have found, but the river is mentioned in many books and information about Berwick and the Scottish Border towns is readily available. Ports and Harbours of Northumberland is a valuable book for the port. Pevsner's Buildings of England volume for Northumberland and The Buildings of Scotland, Borders edition, are useful as is Bob's Bridges. All the bridges on the Tweed have been visited and photographed except for two near the source which proved difficult to access, one west of Peebles, one near Mertoun House leading to an island and another island bridge near Kelso. These five await further investigation. Owing to the distances involved I have made several long trips to the region to take the photographs but have not had time to consult local libraries for information.

The region's towns are all worth a visit, from Berwick to Peebles, and the more remote area beyond is also interesting.


Ports and Harbours of Northumberland. - Stafford Linsley. 2005

Gives a comprehensive account of the development of the Port of Berwick-upon-Tweed (and other ports), with photographs.

The Buildings Of England - Northumberland. - Nikolaus Pevsner and Ian Richmond. 1992

This updated volume in the highly-regarded series gives much information on some of the Tweed's bridges in its coverage of buildings of interest and importance in Northumberland.

The Buildings of Scotland -Borders. - Kitty Cruft, John Dunbar and Richard Fawcett.2008

A volume in the Scottish version of Pevsner's English guides, it gives much infromation on the bridges and places on the River Tweed.

Bob's Bridges - Robert Robson. 1998

A series of personal reminisences from a foreman bridge repairer and builder employed by Northumberland County Council covering all the main rivers of the county, including the English part of the Tweed, and packed with interesting facts and photographs from his long and successful career.


The Companion Guide to The Coast of North East England. - John Seymour1974.

Gives information on Berwick.

The Companion Guide To Northumbria. - Edward Grierson. 1976.

Background information about some of the places in Northumberland covered here.

The Bridges of Northumberland and Durham. - Frank Graham. 1975.

Information and pictures of some of the River Tweed's bridges.

About Britain No 11 - Lowlands of Scotland. John R Allan. 1951.

One of a series of books about Britain published in conjunction with The Festival Of Britain. Includes the Borders and the Tweed and its towns.

Also consulted were:

North Eastern Branch Lines Since 1925. - K. Hoole. 1978.
Rails Across the Border. - A J Mullay. 1990.
Various editions of the Ordnance Survey for Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.
The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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