Bridges On The Tweed


The Tweed has had many bridges destroyed or rebuilt and some have been widened and strengthened over the years. Fords were replaced by ferries, then by footbridges or road bridges as needs changed. None of the once numerous ferries remain and few fords. Railway development gave rise to much bridge building and several remain, only the one at Berwick is currently used by trains, though others have been saved for use by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Pictures of former bridges have been hard to come by.

Shown above is a photograph of the old suspension bridge at Gattonside before reconstruction in 1991. Photographed and copyrighted by Anthony Harrison and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence. Click Here

 Former Bridges

Berwick - timber bridge(s).

Ladykirk and Norham - 2 arch timber lattice bridge of 1838.

Kelso - suspension bridge C19 across to Wooden Anna island.

Kelso - 1755, upstream of present bridge.

Leaderfoot -possible Roman bridge.

Low Peel - 1847?.

Melrose - possible earlier bridge.

Elibank railway bridge - 1864.

Innerleithen timber bridge - 1830.

Woodend railway bridge - 1864.

Peebles railway bridge - 1864.

Kingsmeadows Wire Bridge - cable-stayed footbridge 1817.

Peebles Priorsford - footbridge 1817.

Crownhead bridge - 1913/1921.

Glenrusco - railway bridge 1897, (now a pipe bridge).

 Former Fords and Ferries

Berwick - ferry.

Loan End, near Horncliffe - ford.

Rack ford - Norham.

West ford - Norham.

Twizell - ferry near old railway station, later a ford.

Coldstream - ford

Wark ford.

Wark - ferry.

Kirk ford - Carham

Sprouston - ferry.

Rutherford, near Roxburgh old station - ferry.

Dryburgh - ferry, C1817.

Leaderfoot - ferry.

Melrose - ford near present bridge.

Walkerburn -Bold ford (and ferry).

Innerleithen - ferry

Old Howford - ford northwest of Innerleithen.

Cardrona ford - near present road bridge.

Manor Water ford - Manor Sware.

Lyne ford - near old Lyne station.

Wrae Hill ford - south of Wrae, near Drumelzier.

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