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A bridge with an interesting history, it carries water pipes across the Tweed. Originally built as part of the temporary Talla Railway used to transport workmen and materials to a reservoir construction site at Talla between 1897 and 1910. The railway, built for the Edinburgh and District Water Trust, ran from a junction at Rachan, near Broughton, to Victoria Lodge near Tweedsmuir where the Talla Reservoir was built. James Young and Sons and later John Best, were the constructors. When the reservoir opened in 1905 the railway closed and the track lifted and was sold by 1912.

The viaduct also carried a water pipe and remains in use for this purpose today. It is a 100 foot, 30 metre bridge and still has an embankment at one end and a cutting at the other from its railway days, and is set amid fields not far from the main road with a backdrop of wooded hills.

 Glenrusco Pipe Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1897
Type - beam,steel bowstring, granite abutments.
Position: near Tweedsmuir, Peebleshire, Scotland.
Grid Ref: NT 105 251
 Glenrusco Pipe Bridge

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