Bridges On The Derwent


The Derwent has not been the subject of many books, although there are a few published from late Victorian times to the 1930s. Additionally, two very comprehensive accounts of the Derwent Valley have been compiled by Gladys Maud in 1933-34 and by PJ Davison in the late 20th century which cover many aspects of the area including its industry, geography, topography, agriculture and other aspects of life in the valley together with numerous photographs. These have proved useful in providing information on some of the bridges, but for the rest I have relied on local libraries, record offices, maps and photographic archives.

As with the Tyne Bridges, I think that this is the first complete account of all the Derwent's bridges. Every bridge has been visited and photographed and additional pictures are credited to their source where appropriate. Pictured is the Derwent from the old Swalwell Bridge


Guide to the Vale Of Derwent. - Jas. F. Robinson. 1892

A guide to the places, landscape and places of interest. A useful little book with good coverage of industry and bridges

The Ancient Bridges Of The North of England. - E Jervoise. 1931.

A guide to many of the bridges on the principal and other rivers of the County.

England's Last Wilderness. - A Journey Through the North Pennines. - David Bellamy and Brendan Quayle. 1989.

A book covering the Pennines in County Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria and with a chapter on the Derwentdale, including photographs. Bridges are not specifically covered but the book is useful in giving an impression of the beauty and wildness of the country.

The Buildings Of England - Northumberland. - Nikolaus Pevsner and Ian Richmond. 1992

This updated volume in the highly-regarded series gives much information on some of the bridges in its coverage of buildings of interest and importance in Northumberland.

The Buildings Of England - County Durham. - Nicholaus Pevsner and Elizabeth Williamson. 1983

This revised volume gives information about some of the bridges in the Derwent valley.

The Bridges of the County of Durham - H D Pritchett. 1933.

Covers many of the County's bridges, including the Derwent, and with much background information.

Gibraltar To The Tyne. -a Journey through the Industrial History of the Derwent Valley - Hylton Marrs.

With much information and many photographs it covers the industrial history of the valley.


The Derwent Valley. P J Davison. no date

A large collection of facts, photographs, cuttings, reminiscences and other information gathered by the author and covering all aspects of life in the Derwent valley and its surroundings over the years, including much not available elsewhere. Of great interest to anyone interested in this area of north east England and with some very good photographs.

The Derwent Valley. Gladys Maud. 1933-34.

A study of the valley looking at geography, topography, industry, communications and other aspects and with some useful maps drawn by the author and some photographs.

Historic Places In The Derwent Valley. J W Fawcett. 1901

A history of some places on the Derwent.

The Dark Side Of The Dale. Tony Kearney. 2004.

Looks at some of the history of the Derwent from earliest times and gives an account of some of the darker episodes in its past.

The Railways Of Consett and North-West Durham. G Whittle. 1971.

Invaluable for the history of the Derwent Valley Railway and its bridges and viaducts.

also consulted were:

Waters Of Tyne. A River Journey Through History. - T H Rowland.1991. (includes a chapter on the Derwent).
The Companion Guide To Northumbria. - Edward Grierson.1976.
The Bridges Of Northumberland And Durham. - Frank Graham. 1975
Tyne and Tide. - David Archer.2003.
The Private Railways of County Durham. - Colin E Mountford. 2004.
Various editions of the Ordnance Survey for Northumberland and Durham.
County Records Office at Durham; Public libraries in Durham, Gateshead, and Consett; The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne; the Resource Centre at Beamish Museum; and various individuals from all of the afore-mentioned.

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