Bridges On The Derwent


"The Shotley Bridge and District Gas Works occupy a prominent position at the entrance to the town, but without adding much to the beauty of the view."

Guide To The Vale Of Derwent. Jas. F. Robinson. 1892

The current bridge is of concrete and iron and replaced previous bridges here, including a stone arch humpback bridge of 1816. It is on the A68 road from Darlington to Dalkeith near Edinburgh and on each side of the bridge the road climbs steeply away from the Derwent. The previous bridge was a narrow two-arched structure in danger of collapsing and was replaced in 1925.

Allensford is a picturesque spot and there is a country park incorporating Allensford Wood with a caravan park and picnic area which is very popular in the summer. Woods surround the bridge and there are pleasant walks nearby. A corn mill once existed here powered by the Derwent's waters. An iron furnace and forge were also located at Allensford in the 18th century.

 Allensford Bridge Facts

Constructed - 1925
Type - beam, concrete piers.
Position: Allensford, on County Durham/Northumberland border.
Grid Ref: NZ 076503
 Allensford Bridge

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