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"The bridge at Hartford is another not built with modern traffic in mind, either from sheer size of vehicle or the speed with which it was approached. In 1969 it was considered that a diversion would be required to cross the River Blyth 'at the best and most economical crossing point downstream of the bridge', but so far this has not materialised."

Bob's Bridges. Robert Robson. 1998.

A late medieval bridge originally, although an earlier bridge dating from the early 13th century is thought to have existed. The present bridge has three arches and was widened in 1688 and largely rebuilt being strengthened and widened further in 1904. It is one of the most attractive bridges on the river with a pleasing setting at the bottom of a hill.

It is situated near Plessey Woods Country Park and is part of the A1068 road from Ashington to the south. Hartford Hall, a country house of 1807 stands overlooking the valley from the northwest.

 Hartford Bridge Facts

Constructed - 16c/1904
Type -3 arches, masonry.
Position: Hartford, near Bedlington, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NZ 243 799
 Hartford Bridge

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