Bridges On The Blyth


Situated between Bebside and Bedlington the bridge was originally constructed of stone in the mid to late 18th century and was close to the Bedlington Ironworks (1736 to 1867) which comprised originally seperate ironworks, the 'furnace', on the Bedlington side while across the river was the Bebside mill. It was originally the only link betwen Blyth and Bedlington. Approached down steep banks with hairpin bends on the south side the bridge was reconstructed in 1928 as a concrete beam bridge, and again in 1996 when it became a masonry arch surmounted by concrete parapets and with a 15 metre span. It is quite narrow and the valley is wooded, with a car park on the north side, part of Bedlington Country Park.

 Furnace Bridge Facts

Constructed - not known
Type - arch, single span, masonry,concrete parapets, cement rendering.
Position: Bebside, Northumberland.
Grid Ref: NZ 277 821
 Furnace Bridge

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